Seeking Work

I interrupt this blog to bring you news that I’m on the market looking for work. I have been working with computers for many years and would like to continue making technology work for people and their businesses. I’d also like to earn a living.

I work in the Microsoft Windows business environment and focus on delivering Windows server based solutions with Windows clients and/or a variety of web browsers. I develop systems using the Dot Net framework in C# and VB. As I’m a Business Analyst rather than a head-down coder I prefer using Visual Basic and, because it uses the same run-time libraries, I find that its performance is nearly the same as a business system written in C#.

I am fluent in SQL and comfortable writing queries, functions, and stored procedures using PL/SQL or Transact SQL as well as ANSI Standard SQL. Having performed the duties of a DBA many times, I am well versed in database performance analysis and tuning using query plans and database statistics, etc., to optimize all aspects of an implementation.

I am familiar with system and network analysis and tuning tools to ensure that overall response times are optimized within budget and technology constraints.

I also work with micro-computers and controllers (Raspberry Pi and Arduino) to acquire data from sensors and, in some cases, perform physical functions in response to computerized intelligence.

In summary I can evaluate a business requirement and develop a computer based technology system to address that requirement. I can work independently, as part of a team, lead a team of developers, and serve as a project manager for small and medium sized development efforts.

I hope you’ll consider me to help you conquer your next business challenge.